Novak Djokovic doubt if he will compete at Australian Open

Novak Djokovic has admitted that he doesn’t know if he will defend his Australian Open title in 2022.

Djokovic who has won the Grand Slam 20 times eased to a three-set victory over Daniil Medvedev in this year’s edition back in February – his third consecutive triumph in the tournament.

Novak who refused to reveal his COVID-19 vaccination status – has now poured doubt over his participation in Melbourne in 2022 following the news that unvaccinated players are unlikely to be permitted to compete

Speaking to Serbian outlet Blic, Djokovic said: “Things being as they are, I still don’t know if I will go to Melbourne. I will not reveal my status whether I have been vaccinated or not, it is a private matter and an inappropriate inquiry.

“People go too far these days in taking the liberty to ask questions and judge a person. Whatever you say ‘yes, no, maybe, I am thinking about it’, they will take advantage. Of course I want to go [to Australia].


“Australia is my most successful Grand Slam tournament. I want to compete, I love this sport and I am still motivated. I am following the situation regarding the Australian Open and I understand the final decision [on COVID-related restrictions] will be made in two weeks.

“I believe there will be a lot of restrictions just like this year, but I doubt there will be too many changes. My manager, who is in contact with the Australian Tennis Federation, tells me they are trying to improve the conditions for everyone, both for those who have been vaccinated and those who have not.”

Djokovic has nine Australian Open titles and would secure a record-breaking 21st Grand Slam crown if he will compete and defend his title in Melbourne next year.